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  What's so special about Shootin' for a Cure????
We're a group of amazing friends (some from childhood) that came together to create a unique event and take our BEST shot with ending ALL Cancer!


Shootin’ For a Cure started as a vision from Marci Gray and her husband Darek.
Marci became a dedicated 3-day walker and knew she wanted to do something to make a difference. Together they dreamed up Shootin’ For a Cure to help raise money for her entry fee into the walk. Little did they know that this small event would take off to such great standings that it is today. After the 2nd shoot two more friends were added to the team of walkers and thus team Miles for Melons was born. Each year the group listens to the dedicated participants and tries to incorporate a little something different to keep it fun and fresh for returning guests. We are all very excited to bring you our 12th Annual Shootin’ For a Cure in 2020. By sponsoring and supporting us, together we can make a difference and find a cure once and for all
. Shootin' For A Cure organization is a 501c3 recognized public charity, which means not only will we be able to contribute to SGK but we will also keep the additional monies raised to help support those in need locally in Hood, Parker, Johnson, and Tarrant counties. Together we will find a cure for ALL CANCER.
In addition to supporting cancer awareness, we are also proud to support the needs of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation so that one day healthy breathing isn't such a burden.

Shootin' For A Cure Would Like To Help YOU

Can Shootin' For A Cure help you or your loved one? 
Complete this contact information if you would like to reach out to the SFC Family to share your story and be
considered for financial assistance with your medical expenses during your battle with the "C" word. 
  Share your story in the comments section and let us try to help!!!!

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Shootin' For A Cure
617 Clearskies Ct.
Cresson, Texas 76035
Phone - 817-313-2278

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